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About Us

SmartFrench launched in 2003 and is now among the top selling language  learning products on and has been sold to enthusiastic customers  Worldwide.

The philosophy of SmartFrench is to develop a product that is reasonably  priced and useable on multiple computer platforms.

The revolutionary idea behind SmartFrench is placing comprehension first and  foremost--before speaking. Using our unique Active Sensory  Comprehension method, students learn their new language both effectively  and efficiently.

Why are the SmartFrench products so unique and different? In most other  products for example, "le cheval - the horse", would be pronounced: "luh  shuhvahl", which is correct when you read. But it's not the way it will sound in  a regular conversation. The reality is very different! Most of the time, it will  sound like "luhshfahl". This is true for most words. Likewise, 99.5% of French  natives would not say "Parlez-vous Anglais?" (do you speak English?) but, "Vous  Parlez Anglais?". Our exclusive method will allow you to understand native  French speakers and be understood by them. It is the "missing link" that will  raise your confidence to speak French like a native speaker.

It's fast, easy -  and smart... It's SmartFrench!


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