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We offer you a tool to practice writing to speaking and speaking to writing

Speak French With Confidence Learn How To Speak & Understand Everyday French Feel Accepted As Soon As You Land In France Pronounce French Like A True Native Avoid Making Cultural Blunders Learn (In 4 Hours) The Words That Make Up 65% Of Any French  Conversation

How Is That Possible? The Smart French Patent-pending Revolutionary System  Teaches You How The French Link Their Words Together And Chop Them Up When They  Speak, So That You Get To Speak French The Way The French Natives Do. The Patent  Pending Smart French Method Is 100 % Guaranteed and Backed By Our 6-Month Money  Back Guarantee.

You may want to start with our Introduction to French, Volume 1 & 2 to learn basic conjugation, grammar  and vocabulary. Or you may choose to start directly with the Audio CDs Beginner to work on real life  conversations. You will gain the knowledge to not only speak French, but also  speak French effectively.

We highly recommend starting your French language lessons by using  two of our programs simultaneously:

  1. Hone your listening skills with the Audio CDs Beginner or CDROM
  2. Discover the structure of the language with Introduction to French

By using both programs simultaneously you will have a well rounded  introduction to French.

We make learning French fun! We teach French through actual, real  life conversations which make learning French totally natural. Our  guests talk about the subject of their choice, with good humor and "joie de  vivre." If you travel for pleasure or for business or if you just want to study  French, you will benefit from SmartFrench.

We sincerely hope you will have a wonderful time learning French with  SmartFrench.



  • Build Fluency: Hear native French speakers talk naturally
  • Learn Effectively: Audio, Visual and Written lessons
  • Develop Comprehension AND Fluency


Eric"I just wanted to let you know how much I  really appreciate this product... my wife's family had a family gathering in  France that I needed to go to... I just started using SmartFrench when this  happened... when I spoke, my wife's family was just amazed at  my accent and that I understood the way that they were speaking... I  highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to  understand and speak French the way the French people really speak it


- Eric Manes (actual customer)

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- Pete Ellison (actual customer)